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We Create Wealth & Value

Specializing in Acquisitions and investments in special situation asset backed transactions, worldwide. Marigold Capital has completed over US$2.5 billion in transactions in the areas of Broadband, Communication, Hospitality, Real Estate and Renewable Energy

Growth Areas

Asset Purchase
We purchase assets and operate assets that have strong growth creating incremental value for our investors and partners.   


We look for assets that can produce extraordinary returns for our investments. 


Our Teams manage our assets so we take full responsibility of the asset from purchase to operations and successful exit. 

Turnaround Experts

Our Executives are skilled in turning around properties by focussing on value and cash flow generation. 



To Create extra ordinary and consistent returns we look at assets that meet the following criteria:

  • Assets where our expertise can alter the risk/reward equation.

  • Special Situations with excellent and attractive valuations. 

  • Situations that require transitional capital

  • Busineses underperforming their peak capabilities

Our Investment Approach uses a mixed approach that includes the following options:

  • Opportunistic Buyouts

  • Restructure/Turnarounds

  • Real Assets - Opportunity for asset and income appreciation  

  • Operational Control & Management of Assets



The Organization has 72 highly experienced Investment Advisors and Professionals that have been associated with Top Management of the World's best hotel chains and real estate development firms.   



Marigold Capital


USA East Coast Offices:

200 Broadway, Suite 302, Lynnfield, MA 01940 USA

USA West Coast Office: 1700 Montgomery Street, 1st Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111

Tel: +1.617.213.2222

Fax: +1.978.300.8823

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